Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

GPF Poultry Feed Supplements respects and values your privacy. All/any information given by you via this website or any other form is subject to extreme concealment.

Information Collection:

GPF Poultry Feed Supplements gathers customers’ information through its website who are interested in making explorations, updating subscription, or overall feedback via electronic forms obtainable on the website.

Contact us:

GPF Poultry Feed Supplements’ website has features where the customers and site visitors can submit their details/data to GPF Poultry Feed Supplements electronically. Such submissions include feedback, queries, or other info required to best reply to precise requests. Furthermore, GPF Poultry Feed Supplements may recollect mails and additional information sent via the website for interior administrative reasons and to help provide you better with your appeals.

Automatic Information Collection

GPF Poultry Feed Supplements gather other visitor info types, including time, date, navigation history, browser type, and IP addresses to its website. The data gathered is used firmly for trend analysis for system administration means, for internal security audits, and to collect website usage patterns and user actions. GPF Poultry Feed Supplements may use this data to learn and process more about the site’s guests/customers, their likings about the type of data/information given through the site. GPF Poultry Feed Supplements will make use of this data to provide content that is more suitable for everyone about offers from its representatives. GPF Poultry Feed Supplements don’t reveal this data to any 3rd-parties.

Information Sharing:

GPF Poultry Feed Supplements doesn’t rent, sell, or lease its visitors/customers’ information to 3rd-parties. GPF Poultry Feed Supplements don’t share individually identifiable information with 3rd-parties besides group divisions/companies. However, personal data may be shared with those 3rd-parties who are acting as GPF Poultry Feed Supplements’ agents in offering its service(s)/ product(s)/, and who accept to use it only for that reason along with keeping the data confidential and secure.

GPF Poultry Feed Supplements will also unveil data that it upholds when mandatory to do so in exceptional cases, by law or, when GPF Poultry Feed Supplements has thinks to deem that revealing this data is essential to contact, identify, or take legal charge against someone who may be interfering with (either inadvertently or deliberately) or causing injury to its property or rights. GPF Poultry Feed Supplements may share collective data, which is not directly recognizable with others.


This Website may include links to other non-GPF Poultry Feed Supplements websites. GPF Poultry Feed Supplements is not liable for the privacy performs or content of such other websites. GPF Poultry Feed Supplements suggest its users be aware and realize whenever they leave GPF Poultry Feed Supplements websites. We also urge them to read each site’s privacy declarations GPF Poultry Feed Supplements may offer links.

Updating and Collection Personal Information

If there is any alteration in the visitors/customers’ submitted data or if they desire to update or correct the same, they may contact us and give the data to be updated.


GPF Poultry Feed Supplements uses practical measures to guard the customers/visitor’s data collected via its site. Such data is stored in a secure environment on the webservers. GPF Poultry Feed Supplements shall not be accountable for any illegal access by any 3rd-party to the data stored by GPF Poultry Feed Supplements on its servers.

Only GPF Poultry Feed Supplements’ staffs, who need the data to achieve a precise task, are permitted access to such data.

Notification and Changes:

GPF Poultry Feed Supplements affirms to update any revision or change to its ‘Privacy Policy.’ Site visitors and customers are advised to repeatedly check this section and be notified of the Privacy Policy’s alterations.

If you want further specifies on our Privacy Policy, contact GPF Poultry Feed Supplements.

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