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Pets Care Formula is designed for dogs. It’s a complete Vitamin, Mineral and Amino-Acid Supplement. 1/2 teaspoon(approx 4 gm) along with one teaspoon of coconut oil on home made recipes is sufficient.

GPF – Pets Care Formula

In broader terms, a dog requirements are as follows
Energy requirements: 3500 Kcal./ Kg of Feed
Protein requirements: Average 20 gm
Vitamin A: 7000 I.U/Kg of Feed
Vitamin D: 800I.U/ Kg of Feed.
Calcium: 0.1gm/Kg of Feed
Zinc: 120mg/ Kg of Feed
Fat: 10%
Besides this Vitamin B group( Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12) etc plus proper balancing of amino acids specially Sulphur containing amino acids etc.
To make the feed for your dog simpler and straightforward, you can use our PETS care Formula.
**How to use it.
Any leftover food including nonveg items + one teaspoon of coconut oil + 1/2teaspoon ( 2gm)of PETS Care Formula.
You will get a complete Supplement.

**Please mind it that the age, size, and breed of the dog determines it’s exact requirements.

About Our Pet Supplements

Our pet supplements specialize in providing completely balanced and condition specific formulas. Our company is committed to combine powerful ingredients into healthy pet supplements that will allow you pet to live a long life in a good physical shape. Our pet supplements are the perfect alternative to the chemical or drug therapies. We are the leader in the animal health business with wide-ranging product development and nutritional research. Our perseverance has allowed us to come up with pet supplements of world-class standards. We understand that your pets have distinctive nutritional needs. This is the reason why we have an extensive range of pet products to cater to all the needs of your pets. Our pet products cover each and every health category. From daily pet vitamins to the pet supplements for bladder support. Our pet products are specific to the needs of your pets that make them feel great and look muscular. Our pet products are used by individual owners, dog breeders and also search and dogs around the world. We also provide the best joint supplement for dogs for all the joint related problems to help them regain mobility.

How can our Pet Products help?

Our pet products can be used for any breed of pets and our dog supplements are best for your dogs who:

  • Are scrawny and underweight (hard keepers)
  • Need energy or strength for improved performance
  • Need additional nutrition to be in fine fettle
  • Wish for looking and feeling good

Integrity & Quality

Our commitment in relation to integrity and quality at each production process stage. Our dog supplements are sponsored by 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The raw materials that go into the production of dog supplements are of finest quality. Due to this, our dog supplements offer best dog vitamins to your pets. In addition, our quality check tests the dog supplements for potency and purity prior to certification. We follow the best manufacturing practices to make sure all the regulatory standards are met while your pets get the best dog vitamins through our dog supplements. All of our products are of high quality and in no way harm the physical condition of your pets. If you want your pets to get the best dog vitamins, try our multivitamin for dogs. Our joint supplements for dogs enable joint repairing and anti-inflammatory effects. This makes us the provider of the best joint supplement for dogs.

Dog Multivitamins

Dog vitamins improve the life-quality of your pets. Our multivitamins for dogs are everything that your pets need for a healthy metabolism. Our joint supplements for dogs are the most effective remedy for joint related problems like arthritis in your pets. The essential functions of the best dog vitamins and joint supplements for dogs are:

  • Regulation of the body processes
  • Protection against the environmental toxins
  • Breaking down of nutrients like fats, proteins and carbohydrates

Our best dog vitamins work with enzymes and minerals to help in the bodily processes like bone growth, muscle growth, reproduction, digestion and maintenance of hair coat and skin. Some cases wherein your pet requires dog multivitamins are:

  • If the pet is diagnosed with mineral or vitamin deficiency. If your dog is suffering from a disease that only responds to a vitamin then you must give your dog specific pet vitamins for the particular disease. In such cases, dog multivitamins are avoided.
  • If the pet eats a home-prepared meal. In such cases, dog multivitamins are preferred to keep your pet nutritionally complete.
  • If the dog is not eating sufficiently or eat a low-quality meal. In such cases, dog multivitamins help against deficiencies so that the pet remains healthy.

We offer the best multivitamin for dogs to keep appropriate proportions of pet vitamins in their body. The pet vitamins will ensure that your pet is in great form and for adult pets, our multivitamin for dogs ensure that they are protected against certain aging diseases. Our pet vitamins also include puppy vitamins that ensure that the puppies get all the required vitamins for good health, strong bones and healthy tissues. High-quality puppy vitamins are important for the development and growth of the puppy. Including pet vitamins or puppy vitamins in your puppy’s diet is important for their growth phase. Many puppy owners often get confused about using puppy vitamins in their diet as generally most puppy vitamins in the market tend to do more harm than good. But our puppy vitamins are manufactured keeping all the elements of puppy metabolism under consideration. Try our dog multivitamins and the best joint supplement for dogs to give a healthy and long life to your pets.

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