Poultry Toxin Binder Formula


Toxin Binder Formula- Toxicity, fungus and aflatoxins play a spoil spot in Poultry. High moisture and toxins in Feed ingredients can cause Havoc, if not controlled. Dose 50gm- 100 gm per 100 Kg Feed.


GPF – Poultry Toxin Binder Formula

Microbiological contamination with mycotoxins in raw material and finished feed will result in loss of nutritive value, change in physical properties, contamination with pathogens, poor FCR, reduced palatability, poor immune status and reduced production. Carefully selected mineral clays along with organic acids are effective in binding toxins and inhibiting Moulds. Our Toxin Binder Formula caters to these needs. Feed Supplementation with these Toxin binders helps in high moisture conditions and bad storage facilities. This will keep maintaining good egg production and low mortality. Dose 100-200gm/ quintal of Feed.( Depending on the moisture in Feed). Toxin Binder Formula Price 150/- kg

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