Poultry Toxin Binder Formula


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GPF Poultry Toxin Binder Formula:

  • Brand: GPF
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Packet dimensions: 7x7x2 (inches)
  • Used as: Poultry Feed Supplement
  • Suitable for: broilers, layers, cattle, pig, poultry, and other livestock
  • Used to: maintain healthy gut life of broilers and layers, and other livestock
  • Formula Contains: Herbal Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals
  • Dose: 100-200gm /100kg feed
  • Key Points: Poultry Toxin Binder Formula fights against Fungus, Mycotoxins, and Aflatoxins
  1. Poultry Toxin Binder Formula can be used in Poultry feed, Pig feed, and the Cattle feed.
  2. It Increases feed efficiency and decreases excess moisture in feed

GPF Poultry Toxin Binder Formula:

Fungus, Aflatoxins, Mycotoxins are some commonly used terms for the damage that occurs when you use high moisture feed ingredients or when you use high energy rations. Distillery grains like DDGS and Maize are the major source of these problems. A good toxin binder with different organic acids is the only solution. GPF Toxin Binder Formula is designed to cater to these problems. It helps to immobilize or neutralize harmful mycotoxins, fungus, and aflatoxins within the bird’s gastrointestinal tract, thus averting negative consequences. Poultry Toxin Binder Formula acts in a process called adsorption, where it binds or traps the harmful contaminants all together in clay or porous material.

Poultry Toxin Binder Formula is a great way to reduce mycotoxins and improve livestock health. If the Poultry Toxin Binder Formula is added to the poultry feed, it will give an outstanding source of nutrient and health protection.

How to Use GPF Poultry Toxin Binder Formula:

Mycotoxins, Fungus present in the finished feed or raw material will lead to loss of nutritional value, low FCR, change in physical properties, poor immune status, reduced palatability, and production. GPF Poultry Toxin Binder Formula helps to regain the immunity status, reduces the toxins, and keep maintaining the gut life of your animals.

Doses: 100-200gm of GPF Poultry Toxin Binder Formula per quintal of feed.

It can be used in Poultry feed, Pig feed, and the Cattle feed.

You can also take the help of your nutritionist.

Benefits of using GPF Toxin Binder Formula:

  • Helps to control the excess moisture in feed
  • Traps the toxins but not minerals and vitamins
  • Improves the immune status, production, and growth
  • Helps to maintain the nutritional value
  • Increase feed efficiency
  • High stability over PH range, humidity, and temperature
  • Uniformly and rapidly disperses in the feed while mixing

There are lots of benefits of using GPF Toxin Binder Formula apart from given above. If you want to protect your poultry pets and other livestock against harmful toxins, then add this binder formula to the animal feed and give it to them. If you’re in search of a top-class toxin binder, then buy GPF Toxin Bind Formula online here at its best price.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 2 in


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