Poultry Weight Formula


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GPF Poultry Weight Formula:

  • Brand: GPF
  • Weight: 500gm
  • Packet dimensions: 6x7x2 (inches)
  • Used as: Poultry Feed
  • Suitable for: broiler chicken, and other small pet birds
  • Used to: gain weight in broilers, and other pet birds
  • Formula contains: Herbal Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals
  • Doses: add Poultry Weight Formula @ 100 gm per 50 kg feed.
  • Key Points: Helps to gain weight, reduce heat stroke mortality, and takes care of heat stress

GPF Poultry Weight Formula is for those who want to promote weight gain in their poultry birds. Those who are not interested in making their own feed can upgrade the quality of their existing feed. Feed millers can also add Poultry weight Formula to improve their feed results.

Poultry Weight Formula

The poultry weight formula is a Lysine – Methionine balancer that helps to gain weight in broiler chicken and hen. The 100 grams of weight formula per 50 kg of feed gives the best results. This weight supplement is the complete mixture of herbal amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to facilitate poultry weight gain.

GPF Poultry Weight Formula

Studied from various poultry literature and journals, the latest concept in poultry feed formulations is revealed where protein content can be reserved at some optimal level, say 16%. Still, the balanced level of amino acids ensures that the desired results are obtained as if the protein is present at 18-20%. Most poultry feeds do not contain the proper amount of Arginine or Methionine because most of us don’t use animal-based protein sources. That is the reason broilers don’t gain weight. GPF poultry weight formula is specially developed to help your broiler gain weight. It is mixed with the feed you provide so that your broiler will get the proper amount of required protein.

How to Increase Weight of Broiler Chicken?

This weight formula is designed to help your broiler or hen gain weight in the least time. It is given for timely weight gain in the broilers. Those in addition to some company and not satisfied with the feed results can add this weight formula in the ratio of 100 grams per 50 kg of feed. Feed millers can also add this supplement to enhance the feed results. It is a perfect product to control heat strokes during sweltering days as it is designed to take care of heat stress.

Doses: Simply add 100gm of Weight Formula in 50 kg of feed bag and give it regularly to the birds.

You can also follow a thumb rule if giving it occasionally. In case you want to feed 1000 birds, simply add 200 gm of Wt Formula in 4-5 kg feed and further spread it on the top of the feeders so that birds can eat it earlier than the rest of the feed. If you keep using this product, the weight gain in the birds is expedited. There is no impact on discontinuing this product. The bird comes to its normal weight gain speed in such circumstances. GPF Poultry Weight Formula should be given four days a week.

We offer the best option for poultry farmers who are worrying about their broiler’s weight. GPF weight formula is the perfect weight gainer supplement for your broiler and chicken to increase their weight within a few days. You can buy GPF poultry weight formula at a reasonable rate by making your purchase from here. The problem of chickens losing weight and feed intake is common among poultry farmers, and this weight formula is the best solution to resolve these issues. So, go ahead and place your order now to get this excellent poultry weight formula.

Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 2 in


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