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GPF Milk Formula:

  • Brand: GPF
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Packet dimensions: 7x7x2 (inches)
  • Used as: Poultry Feed
  • Suitable for: milk-producing animals like cow and buffalo
  • Used to: Improve Milk Production
  • Formula Contains: Vitamins, Trace Minerals, Phosphorus, Calcium, Herbal Amino Acids, Liver Tonic.
  • Doses: Dairy farmers may give Milk Formula @ 25-30 gm per animal.

Cattle feed manufacturers may add 200 gm per quintal of the feed.

  • Key Points: GPF Milk Formula contains herbal amino acids that are equivalent to 5% soya      That makes it more appropriate for the imported high yielding breeds.

One of the most attractive benefits of Milk Formula is its cost cutting benefit.

Feed millers can cut down protein in their feed by 4-5% by using GPF Milk Formula.

GPF Milk Formula is suitable to give at every stage, i.e., Lactation phase, dry phase, and transition phase, as it makes Dietary cation-anion balance (DCAB).

  • GPF Milk Formula is suitable for those who want to enhance milk production.

Milk Formula

High yielding cattle require a higher percentage of protein/amino acids because of their high milk potential. They require the balancing of amino acids more accurately than the local breeds. Moreover, the modern concept suggests the replacement of some parts of protein in animal feed with amino acids to get better results.

GPF Milk formula is specially designed for milk-producing animals (mainly for cows and buffaloes). It contains herbal amino acids that are equivalent to 5% of soya proteins. These amino acids make it more suitable for the imported high yielding breeds. GPF Milk Formula also contains all the necessary elements that can help to increase milk production. The components included are Vitamins, Phosphorous, Calcium, Trace Minerals, Amino-Acids, and Liver Tonic. We are supplying this formula to many dairy owners and Cattle feed millers. Dairy owners need not to worry about protein in their animal diet, even if they do not give them other readymade feed. Milk Formula can be given at every stage, i.e., dry, transition, and lactation phase of the animal. It makes DCAB (Dietary cation-anion balance) perfect for every stage.

GPF – Milk Formula

Are you thinking about how to increase milk production in cows? This milk formula is specially designed to increase the milk production in cows and buffaloes and contains several nutrients in the following quantities:

  • Each 100 g of milk formula contains:
  • Herbal Amino acids: 60 gm
  • Trace Minerals: 13 gm
  • Herbal Liver Tonic: 13 gm
  • Calcium/Phosphorous: 14 gm
  • Vitamin A: 50,000 I.U

See the exponential improvement in the results within 1-2 days. Please note that you have to give this milk formula only four times a week, and only 20 to 25 grams per animal or 200 gm per quintal of feed should be provided to the animal. This milk supplement is provided along with the meal to increase the milk supply.

This milk formula gives you the best way to feed dairy cattle to boost milk production. This milk formula is necessary for high milk-yielding animals because they need high protein/amino acids in their feed. It is one of the best milk formulae to enhance milk production in buffaloes and cows. The milk production differs according to the cattle food and animal supplement your cattle get. You might see at least 20% to 40% increased milk production within a few days. The result will be received so fast that you will be delighted to have this milk formula. If you’re thinking about how to increase milk production in buffalo or cow, then this milk formula is specially made for you. We have got positive reviews from the customers as it enhances protein also. That is why it is suitable for high yielding animals and preferred over other products available in the market.

Feed millers generally prefer it because it helps in the business’s cost-cutting due to its reasonable price. You can buy GPF milk formula online in India at an affordable rate by placing your order here. It is specially designed for your cows and buffaloes to increase milk production. Feed millers can reduce protein in their feed by 4-5% by using this product.

Why to buy Milk Formula?

GPF is one of the top manufacturers of the cattle feed industry. It has provided this cattle feed formula, equipped with all the necessary equipment required to increase milk production in cows and buffaloes and all the other milk-producing animals. GPF is familiar with your needs for dairy feeds and high milk production. This milk formula is perfect for your dairy feeds, and it is available at an affordable rate. So, go for this milk production and increase your cattle’s milk production in a few days.

Weight 1 kg
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