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Heat Formula is designed to control Heat Stroke in Poultry. The heat stress after 12.00pm in summer demands a special amino acid profile in Poultry. 50gms of Heat Formula is sufficient for 1000 birds.

GPF – Poultry Heat Formula

Heat Formula is designed to control Heat Stroke in PoultryAt high atmospheric temperatures, the bird starts panting as a result Mineral deposits in the bird start depleting. As a result, a condition called Acidosis start developing in the bird at peak hours ( 3.00 P.M- 6.00P.M) A heavy mortality is seen at this time. Though Supplementation of electrolytes is also helpful at this hour but the results may not be instant. Moreover, electrolytes are to be given in regular Feed which is quite expensive. We need an alkaline amino acid at this juncture to avoid Acidosis.” Heat Formula” helps in preventing Acidosis in the bird during peak hours of heat and thus the mortality is minimized. A pouch of 500 gm is sufficient for 10,000 birds and this is not to be given regularly. Whenever the environmental temp is above 95-100°F, it is to be given through top dressing at 12.00 P.M- 1.00 P.M. It helps to bypass the evening mortality time 4.00P.M- 5.00 P.M Feed Supplementation with Heat Formula in peak summer at the accurate time is one stop solution to heat stress. This will boost egg production and minimize Heat stress.  Rate per 500 gm pouch. 200/-

Heat stress poultry

Heat stress in poultry is described as the effect of bad weather condition on birds (chickens or ducks) such as high temperature, high humidity, and low wind speed. The impact of heat stress is highly negative on birds. Heat stroke in poultry results in depletion of minerals available in the birds. Due to this, the condition of Acidosis begins to develop in the poultry birds. Chicken heat stress may sometimes cause high mortality rate.  In order to avoid such condition, heat stress management is required in poultry.  All the safeguards and precautions should be set under the guidance of this heat stress management system in poultry.  Our heat formula is specially designed to prevent any heat stroke in poultry.

Chicken stroke: Chicken heat stroke symptoms

In the days of summer, especially, in peak hours between 3.00 P.M- 6.00P.M, heat stress in chickens or heat stroke in chickens is the common problem.  If you are operating a poultry farm then you must be aware of signs of heat stress in chickens. Identification or recognition of the chicken heat stroke symptoms at the initial phase of suffering is very necessary in order to avoid any mortality in poultry. You are required to be very professional to identify the signs of heat stress in chickens. Chicken stroke has always been the main issue in the poultry farm. There are various signs which confirm the occurring of heat stroke in chickens and heat stress in broilers. Some of the chicken heat stroke symptoms are reduced feed consumption, wings, and legs outstretched and reduced egg production. There are some other signs of heat stress in chickens such as increased cannibalism, slowness and lethargy and increased mortality. We have been supplying the anti-acidosis supplement which neutralizes the effect of heat stroke in chickens and heat stress in broilers and prevents heat stress poultry from being a witness of high mortality. If you want to more about heat stress chickens then contact at our online web portal.

Heat stress in broilers

When broilers are subjected to high temperature surrounding then their behavioral changes enables them to establish heat balance with the environment. When the heat stress in broilers occurs then some broilers stand quietly whereas others simply crouch near waterers or walls. The signs of heat stress in chicken and heat stress in broilers are almost same. Heat stress in broilers allows them to divert the blood flow from internal body organs like kidneys, intestines, and liver to dilated skin tissue’s blood vessels to enable heat loss. The treatment of chicken heat stress or broilers heat stress is managed by heat stress management in a poultry farm.

Chicken stroke: Chicken heat stroke treatment

If you are looking for an effective chicken heat stroke treatment then you are at right place. In the condition of heat stress in poultry, the level of acidosis has to reduce in birds. At the time of heat stroke in poultry, farmers sometimes provide electrolysis supplementation which is highly expensive. If you go online, you may find heat stress management documents or presentations related to heat stress in poultry solving the problem. But it is not necessary that the heat stress management solutions provided, clarifies your doubts and queries related to heat stress chickens. Heat stress in poultry solving the problem is our main objective. We provide heat formula which contains alkaline amino acids which reduce the acidosis in birds. We through our heat formula supplement provide best and effective chicken heat stroke treatment. Heat formula is the best option for any heat stress poultry problem. In our system also, the problems related to chickens and heat stress are being discussed among our manager through heat stress management ppt. Our main motive is “heat stress in poultry solving the problem”. With supplements, we also provide guidance regarding heat stress chickens and broilers

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